Design Specification

Here are a list of factors that my USB design must satisfy. This will provide an insight into the requirements for the product and how it will be put together. As I develop my USB stick, I will keep referring to this specification to see if the design needs are being met. This will also provide a basis for my end evaluation, as I can review my finished final product and see how well it has met the specification criteria.

The product must:
  • house the full length of the circuit board 45.5 x 13.5 x 1mm, which fits securely into the internal reccess
  • be small and portable for ease of transportation
  • be user friendly and to contain no sharp edges or loose parts
  • have a lid which fits securely onto the main USB
  • fully function and be able to store 1GB of data
  • be durable and robust for long term usage
  • plug easily and sit comfortably with the other USB ports i.e. room for two USB's alongside each other
  • aesthetically pleasing and eye catching; promoting the brand creatively
  • be manuafctured using CAM equipment  & 3D printing available in Sheaf workshops
  • contain packaging for the product, which will be manufactured using the laser cutter
  • be presentable for a prototype concept and have the ability to be suitable for mass production