Design Brief

'Thanks for the memory' Assignment brief:

Your task is to design and manufacture a prototype product in response to the context outlined, that incorporates the given 1Gb USB memory stick circuit.  CAD/CAM is to be used extensively in the development of your prototype. This will be a promotional 'freebie' used to publicise the launch of one of the following ventures:
  • a new cloud based android or iPhone app
  • the launch of a new web based music streaming site
  • an information service for the  2012 Olympics
  • the first film in a new science fantasy trilogy
CreoElements Pro and Corel Draw should be used to refine and develop the product’s shape, form and function. The prototype product should be manufactured using CAM equipment (eg. laser cutter, Fused Deposition Modeller, CNC router, sublimation printer etc') as the principal means of production.

You should also consider appropriate packaging and labelling to protect/promote/display the product.

Submission details:

As evidence of your developing capability in CAD/CAM you are required to produce……

1. a personal development ‘blog’ that highlights your ongoing professional development in this area. (see for example 40%

The blog should be a selective presentation including evidence of-

  • initial research and specification
  • how you have integrated other design activities (eg.sketching / modelling) with CAD in refining and developing your initial ideas;  
  • how your chosen concept  has been developed and enhanced by the use of CAD software;
  • how the product concept is taken through to manufacture using CAM;    
  • a critical evaluation in which you have reflected on the effectiveness of the final outcome.   
  • Ongoing decision making must be clearly justified through critical analysis and comment (supported by appropriate referencing)

2. A  visually dynamic practical outcome and associated packaging, demonstrating  the effective use of CAM 60%   

Submission date:

Wednesday 14th December, 2011 for USB and packaging
Friday 16th December 2011, Blog e-portfolio submission