For the packaging element, I didn't feel it was relevant or neccessary to create a point of sale stand. Firstly, it's a freebie and it's distributed out as people walk by. I personally see a point of sale stand as a form of advertising. Therefore, I felt a box of some sort would suit my lipstick well. Im moving towards the idea of a small rectangular lipstick box, as this is how they come packaged.

I began by looking into existing packaging for USB's:

I like the vaccum formed mould for the USB to lie in. However, this would be quite hard to replicate given the time that we have. As my product is quite small in size, I want the lipstick to fit in quite neatly within the box. I then decided to look at how lipsticks' are currently packaged and sold.

I do think the above packaging style is very effective and will appeal to the audience at the Clothes Show exhibition. Also, I like the fact that it is small and compact, keeping in line with the small scale of the project. Therefore, I have decided that I will create a lipstick box for my USB.

The first step would be to look at an exisiting box, I opened one that I had:

Creating a Mock-Up box

I needed to create a box with my own dimensions, as my lipstick with the lid on is 10cm in height. So slightly larger than your normal lipstick. By looking at the above template, I began thinking about my own box.

1. I drew out my own template so that it was 11cm in height and each panel was 2.5 wide
2. I cut the template out
3. I scored along the lines and folded the flaps over
4. Assembled the box with paper clips so I could open it back out again
5. There is a problem, as the lid doesn't quite fit over
6. Assessing the dimensions of the problem areas, so I can make another mock up


Lipstick boxes are slightly different as they have these small flaps- a bit like a toothpaste box. Also, the flaps are at an angle because of the way the fold over. But they all seem to be different sizes and I was finding it quite difficult to enlarge the whole template to scale. I made a few more mock up's.....then I gave up!

I then found this lipstick box template online and it seemed perfect:

I then cut this out and assembled it, and all the flaps were in line and the lid closed!

Design- Graphics and Imagery

After much thought, I decided I wanted to keep the box imagery quite simple. The Clothes Show Live doesn't really have a brand identity except the name. The images are mainly catwalk and fashion photography. Not the type of graphics you would apply on this style of packaging for a USB.

I then decided I would like an abstract pattern. Instead of designing it on Photoshop, then mounting it onto my cardboard box; I decided to go shopping for some nice patterned or glitter paper. In the end, I opted for this gorgeous gold and ruby pink flowery paper. I thought it would be ideal for my box and really compliment the USB product.

Laser Cutting the template

In the images below you can see the production stages on the laser cutter for the packaging. I did a test first on some plain white card to check that the template design I had created in Corel draw would work.  I etched the panel lines, as this made it easier to score and fold. I then used the card I had brought to cut the final template and another template for me to practice assembling the box.

For the text, I decided to use some lettering stickers which I had brought from Ryman's. I decided against the vinyl cutter for lettering, as the workshops didn't have the colour I wanted and also I thought it might be quite fiddly and flimsy applying the lettering onto the box. 

I made a mock up of the final box and practised using the stickers I had brought, I used tweezers to pick the letter up and apply it onto my box:

Final Packaging Outcome

I am really pleased with the final outcome. I also added some embellishment with two butterfly stickers on the ends of the box. This fits in well with flowery theme. The box was quite easy to assemble and I used double sided sticky tape to glue it together.
The final text read: Clothes Show Live USB Freebie.