Here is my model in the first stages of production. At this stage, it has been in overnight in the FDM machine and my design has been converted into a solid 3D model. The support material which is also produced, has been soaked in an Alkaline tank to dissolve the material away. It cost £12.00 to manufacture. As you can see there are 3 parts to the model- the cap and the 2 halves of the lipstick.

So, does it fit....?
When I placed my circuit down in the recess - I realised there was a big error.

The 12mm I had measured to ensure the metal chassis was sticking out, had somehow reversed. Basically, I ended up have 12mm internally and only a little bit sticking out for the metal part! This is what I was trying to prevent and I'm not quite sure how it has happened.
I made some manual adjustments, to ensure the circuit fits by adding a bit of cardboard. I really wish I had designed some locating pegs or some sloting holes on the main body. I glued the 2 halves together with Super Glue and I decided to sand it down as 1 whole object; to keep it symmetrical and even.

Sanding and Priming - Obtaining a smooth finish 

Spray Painting the top coat
Masking off and spraying the Red lipstick
(the analysis of these stages can be found on the Home page, where I updated my blog on the days I carried these processes out)