Friday, 9 December 2011

busy day in spray booth...

I have been in the spray booth since 11am trying to obtain a nice smooth finish on the main body of my USB. It feels smooth but there are still ridges and dots, which don't seem to be budging. The cap has quite a nice finish on it though.

So far, I have put 1 coat of plastic primer on and 3 coats of pressure pot primer on. I have left that to dry over the weekend now. On Monday, I will decide whether to put another coat of primer on or whether to proceed with the main top coat.  The final colours I had decided on are red and gold, to give it a really classic and luxurious look.
(You can see in the image below, how effective the colours are together)

I was thinking of sprinkling some gold glitter into the paint so it sprays it out onto the main body with gold glittery paint....but Tim says I can't do that, as it will clog up the gun!!
However, I can sprinkle some glitter on once it's been sprayed, which I will think about.

Going to work on my packaging net on the weekend, feel slightly worried that I haven't organised this yet but I'm hoping I can achieve a final design by Sunday.

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