Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sanding....and more sanding.....and maybe tomorrow more sanding.....

I've been in the workshops, sanding my USB model down. I seem to have a lot of ridges and the thin layers, which have been RP'd are quite visible.
Also, as my model is very circular and spherical, it makes it very hard to sand it accurately. I have gone through all the 'Wet and Dry' papers and it looks quite smooth now. I had to sand the lid and main body seperately, which took a bit of time.

Looking at it closely, there are a few ridges still left but I don't want to sand it down too much, as I will ruin the shape.

One slight problem- the lid is now slightly loose, as I had to sand the connecting part to the lipstick (the part which fits into the lid); as it's part of the main body. I'm hoping that once I've sprayed it all up, there will be a thick layer of paint on the model surface, which will allow the lid to fit back on tightly.

Tomorrow I will be ready to spray plastic primer on and then base coats of the pressure pot primer (pre-mixed), more sanding and finally start working towards the quality finish of the product.

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