Monday, 12 December 2011


Spent quite some time in the spray booth today, applying the top coat. I decided to spray the whole main body gold, even the lipstick part. I have left that 24 hours to dry overnight. There are still a few imperfections and some dust particles have settled on the paint :(

Tomorrow, I will mask off the main body so I can spray the lipstick red. I will have to be very careful when I do this, as I don't want to ruin the paint work. I thought it would be easier to spray the whole body one colour, then I can mask off the relevant area and spray the red part.

Also, I haven't had a chance to check whether the lid fits onto the main USB, as the primer has been drying over the last few days. Previously, sanding it down had made the lid a bit too loose...

I have just drawn out my box template on Corel Draw, ready for laser cutting tomorrow. I couldn't just do a 'quick trace', as I only want the outline of the template to cut, not all the sides & flaps etc. (see below image)

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