Monday, 12 December 2011

Making good progress......finally!

Last night I was so frustrated with my packaging box template, it just wasn't working out. Lipstick boxes are slightly different as they have these small flaps- a bit like a toothpaste box (see image below)  
I wanted to make my own template from scratch, to fit my USB model in, as I had my own dimensions. I made 4 card mock-ups and still no result!

Before I went to bed, I found this really good lipstick box template on the internet.

Image taken from 

This morning, I imported it into Corel Draw and resized it according to my USB dimensions. I then printed it out and assembled it. It works! I'm really pleased. Now I need to organise the design to hairline in Corel draw, so it can be laser cut.

Also, this morning I have sanded my USB & sprayed another final coat of primer on; in order to gain a smooth finish. I think that, that is the best as I can get it. I'll be ready to spray my top coat on today. I just need to mask the top section off, as that will be a different colour. Fingers crossed!

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